Fenugreek beef thingy majiggy.. roasted aubergine Parsley  and Pomegranate ‘salad’ roasted Brussels, breads and poppadums..With a baby tomato, green onion and coriander salad .. 👐

Not too sure what to call this one, so just decided to list what it was .. Kinda!

First the beef.. A piece of top rump.. And some dried fenugreek water added to make it softy again.. 


Fried off with fabulous French onion and garlic, Spanish smoked paprikas and Lebanese seven spice.. I forget just how lovely that stuff is., 
That’s all popped into the slo cooker just on low to meld together.

Simple dough for the breads whapped up.. 


And left a while.. 

The Brussels are peeled and topped or is that bottomed? And simply tossed with a tincy wincy amount of organic Greek olive oil… Bristol blend pepper and vegemare salt.. So simple yet once cooked these have this amazing flavour and textures.. 

 The aubergine (as seriously there is no such a thing as an eggplant!).. 😉

Is chopped and tossed in cumin and coriander .. 


They both go happyly into a hottish oven turning them once.. You want the aubergine to get really sost and the Brussels slightly burnt.. 

About forty minutes total I reckons..

So they look like this..

 And the aubergine has parsley added to it.. And a smuttering of pomegranate molasses.. 


The breads simply rolled out 

 And Cooked up on the iron flat pan.. 


As this is #synfree cooking the poppadoms are cooked straight over fire.. 

Umm they do Linda catch a fire a little.. So just blow them out when that happens! Ahem.., 


Gotta admit they are not quite as lovely as when fried.. Well who woulda guessed that huh??)..

Great crunch though.. 

Finally all plated up and  a fresh pomegranate smacked up with a spoon to release the seeds.. And a spoonful of 0% Greek natural ., and a quick baby tomato, green onion and coriander salad.. 


Tasty doodle doooo!


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  1. What a diverse and flavourful dinner! I’m also very impressed… I wish I had the patience, foresight and skill to “whip up” some bread for dinner 🙂

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  2. I am amazed at what a versatile chef you are. You take on so any different ethnic recipes, and they all look amazing! Inspiring Mr. Fitz!

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  3. Call it Formby Point:) fenugreek cooking is the smell which makes me think of Formby immediately. X

    Sent from my iPad


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