Green verbena crispy chicken & big hasslebacks

Green verbena harrisa paste.. That’s what the lovely thigh fillets that I skinned and removed that one bone from got a smearing with..


They were left all afternoon to hopefully gain flavour.. Chicken is such a bugger to get flavour all the way through, so any help in time you can give it the better I think!

Meanwhile to hassle those spuds.. Great local dirty potatoes, scrubbed and sliced through with a big metal spoon underneath so you don’t go all the way through them. Hassleback spuds are indeed the guvnor of oven type potatoes in my book.. You get it all! Baked style .. Super crispy bits and lovely soft bits too..

Made all the better by sliding in some goose fat into every slice.. Ahem.. Then seasoning.. And a little garlic too..


Into the oven .. Around an hour.. More if you like.. All day on low.. Faster if you are hungry .. They really do put up with anything!

Meanwhile beat the chicken thin..


Dredge in egg then crumb..


And fried off in mrs Middletons oil in uncle bens wok..


These go so lovely and crispy..

And with some buttered fine French green beans.. Wonderful!


With bottled sauce of your choice..


Seriously good eating!


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  1. Ooooh hassslebacks have been high on my to-make list! I think you just pushed them to the top!!

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  2. I’ve only just discovered red harissa and now will need to seek out this green one. This is an enticing meal and I so enjoy reading your explanations. When is the cookbook coming out?


  3. Looks yum and i need to try to make hasslebacks i keep seeing them and they look fab! Im not doing well with goosefat and my roast pots its not making them crispy as i was led to believe km obviously doing something wrong as they are less crispy than without. Any advice?


  4. Love the smiley face! Boy, that is one fantastic meal, it looks delicous! I’m going to try the potatoes but unfortunately don’t have any goose fat.

    I haven’t seen that particular sauce here in the states. Does it have lemon verbena in it? Is it a lemony flavor?

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  5. Wow you’re killing me those potatoes with goose fat, the whole meal is totally drool worthy.

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  6. OMG, Mr Fitz. What am I doing looking at this when I have a wedding in 6 weeks to diet for? Goose fat in the potatoes – I am IN. The chicken just looks fabulous!! I’ve not see the green harissa – Waitrose? (PS The metal spoon for the hassles is a good idea but isn’t good for your knives. Much better to place a wooden chopstick on either side of the potato – I am a bit obsessive about my blades!) Not sure if I should be thanking you for bringing this to the party – diet derailed for sure!! Happy Fiesta Friday!


    • Why diet? Is it your wedding? Or can you just sit back and go.., well you dont get food? X yup waitrose dont bother aint the bestest x love the wooden tip.. Yet really do own far too many knives! A by-product of playing in butchers! And its all good fats right? Dont even get me started on that ! X

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  7. This really looks sooooo good Mr. Fitz! Those potatoes again! I’ll take a plate and one to go also, thanks!

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