Italian sausage casserole? With gratin

Why the question mark?

Because I am not sure if this actually is a casserole?

Let me tell you and then we can decide?


Now as you know I prefer to make my own delicious sausages.. Yet these Italian ones I get from an Italian deli are very good.. Very good indeed..

Simply browned off very slowly..


And mushrooms and shallots chopped and slowly fried in olive oil and fresh thyme.. A little butter and seasoning too of course!


Going through the store cupboards for that annual clean out has thrown up a bunch if things needing eating.. And unfortunately some I have missed..

This is a posh sausage jar from the very lazy company .. All natural ingredients that is added too..


The jar plus a jar of water makes a good sauce and a piece of garden rosemary for good measure..


And left to simmer slow on the diffuser when we needed to warm it back up..

The potatoes peeled sliced thin and layered with seasoning and fresh thyme from my pals garden inbetween..


Once layered then fresh nutmeg and crumb on top.. Then the single cream added ..


All served up with peas, carrots and fine green beans..


Another great winter warmer.. Although I don’t think I will get a jar of that stuff again. It’s a little sweet..

Those sausages are good though..

Super meaty.. Hard to even finish two of em!

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  1. Call it what you will… Tasty works for me 🙂


  2. Now I am curious to know what the ingredients in the posh sauce are so I can make this dish myself. I have a habit of reading ingredients on the label and then just buying the ingredients.

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  3. Potatoes and cream and sausage look so for fortifying and warming. Perfect for the week we’ve had over here in the states. The windchill got down to -30C earlier in the week. But posh sausage jar? I’ve never heard of a sausage jar! You learn something new at every party. Happy 50th fiesta!

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  4. It’s a gratin and the best kind, with nothing but the veg and cream, and why not bread crumbs. I am so hungry for this right now with not nary a bone or piece of meat in the house.

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  5. Italian sausage is always good – I go for the “hot”. Great idea to make it with potatoes and a favorite herb of mine 🙂

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  6. AHH HAHAHA I’ve never seen a post with a question mark before, that cracked me up! I vote that this IS a casserole, and it looks amazinggggg!

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  7. Thos sausages are clearly speaking to me. Being from the Continent, where in Medieval times people were burned on the stake for using ready-made sauces, I’m not convinced about the sauce … glad you didn’t like it either.
    When I made my pulled pork, I froze the remaining juices in ice cube bags – the flavour is so concentrated it only takes a few cubes to make a stew base like that more or less from scratch.
    Just sayin’.


  8. Yum. Yeah I think it’s a casserole!!

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  9. Damn that looks good! I love the posh sausage sauce (only in England, drat). It’s great when we are able to create amazing dishes with leftovers and cans that have a sold by date isn’t it? Was there an invite for dinner? 🙂

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