Rotisserie chicken tortillas

Managed to pick up a red ticket Free range corn fed chicken.. Cool !

That’s some for the hounds and some for us.. they are having theirs with brown rice and quinoa ..



Ours are being uplifted with taco seasoning, pimped mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil and chilli and lime spice smuggled back from Mexico City ..


With great tortillas ..

The flour , baking powder, salt sugar and olive oil into the bowl..


Mixed to a dough..


Dusted with wholemeal to make them ‘feel’ better.. Squished into little rounds..


Then expertly rolled by Mrs Fitz before cooking on the flat iron pan and keeping wan in a towel..


Served with a salad dressed in French .. And natural yoghurt dusted with baharat.. And more pimped mrs Middletons ..


Served of course with smuggled valantina sauce!


That’s one cheap chuck that served all four of us..


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12 replies

  1. And there was me considering buying ready-made tortillas for my slow-cooked pork… Thanks for knocking that notion right out of me!

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  2. You have rolled up an awesome Shawarma . Exactly my kinda meal. Lucky to have a super talented Mrs.Fitz 👍

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  3. Delicious, you are the King of flatbread, it looks incredible.

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  4. Now i have to go to sleep dreaming of this !

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