Roast pork & potato croquettes

What’s the best thing about roasting ‘ high’? (meaning to cook more of a roast than you needed at the time..)..


This outing of leftovers is a fave..

I dig croquettes .. That outside crunchiness .. Giving way to super softy savoury fluffiness inside .. No cheese in mine please.. Yet I can see why people would like it in there..

So first chop up the roast pork.


Adding green onion, French garlic and paprika


A good glugging of olive oil..


And let that sit it out for a while..

These really are the last if me ol’ pal jack Taylor’s spuds..


Once peeled and knife point tender in with the roast porky mix adding parsley and seasonings..


Rolled up and dusted in cornflour.. Into the fridge..


The fridge helps them set a little.. There is no other binder but the olive oil..

Get the eggs whooped up and the panko crumbs ready. ..


Dip in the (red ticket) egg then the crumbs.. When all done repeat again for that extra crunch..


Fry off in two batches because of space in the wok..



Draining of course on ikea brown paper !


Served up with maggies hot and sweet ketchup..


That lovely crunch , extra crunchy.. Great Middley bit..

Yummy doodle doo!!!

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6 replies

  1. Oh i’m well into croquettes at the moment!!

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  2. I haven’t roasted high since college…..and then leftovers were AWESOME!

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  3. Ahh mandingo – you keep knocking it out of the park!!! Amazballs!

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