Roast pork supper

Roast pork ..

If you don’t dig pork turn over now..

Inspired by my attorney who was having a bit of a pre-Christmas thing as the countdown has now begun .. ( hope it went swimmingly!)..

A piece of yellow ticket pork was in order.. Cooked first for three hours at 170 in the blue creseut with the lid on..

Then taken out..

The inca bellas and a few unknown potatoes boiled..


Shaken in a colander .. Added to one side of the pan with Mrs Middletons straight oil squizzled over.. Some French garlic as just cannot abide that chinese stuff .. Particularly that single clove/bulb nonsense .. Terrible..

And the pork on the other side..


Thing is this pork is indeed already cooked .. Yet it will take more as it was bathed in its own juices.. This also left behind some good gooey bits that when mixed with cornflour and a little ground up chicken stock cube makes a great slurry..


That’s the gravy sorted!

Yorkshire pudding is required too..
Mrs Fitz kindly whisked up two eggs, 100grms plain flour and some milk ..


Seasoned up well and poured into smoking hot beef fat ..


It puffed up good.. Yet sank a little after taking it out of the oven .. Must find where I put our pudding tins.. Hmm

Still all plated and enjoyed..


Best bit?

Got porky goodness leftovers…


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  1. This picture would make a wonderful Christmas card …

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  2. I love pig so I kept reading. That is one hell of a pork roast!

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