Masa chips and use up bits ala mehican

I have been waiting and wanting to use my little Hugo that I brought back from Mexico City for a while now..

Also wanting to use that smuggled back masa flour..

Just mixed with hot water with a good hit of salt..


It really does go like playdough !


Into balls then with a plastic bag split in half ( it doesn’t mention recycling like this huh?).. !


Squished into rounds..


The rounds cut into what were supposed to be tortilla chip shapes..


Fried in mrs Middletons oil.. Drained on ikea brown paper ..



A shake of the also smuggled back chilli and lime powder ..

For the topping..

The left over steak that has been sitting in the Chimchurri sauce all night.. Chopped up fine .


Chef ping dealt with that.. And then the left over frjmole and the salsa from yesterday .. As well as Valentina sauce.. ( also schmugggled back..)..


Man I love that sauce..


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  1. omg! My mouth is watering… your chips look so yummy! Thanks for sharing this dish with us at FF!

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  2. HELLS YEAH! I love home made corn chips. That is exactly how we do them. Just rocking Mr Fitz!!!

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  3. Good to see that press being used!



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