Steak, breads and sauces

Couldn’t think of what else to call this post .. Suppose could have called it seriously tasty!!

The bread to begin..

250 grms of plain flour.. The last of one of the bags smuggled back from mexico ..

With a teaspoon of fridge yeast, a tsp of salt and another of xylitol..

Butter and 150 ml of warm water..


Into a dough..


Into rounds and white poppy seeds sprinkled over both sides..


Into a black bag into the hot press to prove..

Making some sauces.. This is flavour town my friends!!

First one loosely based on a Chimchurri .. All kinds of dried herbs, and some freezer parsley .. Garlic and onion pressed through the presser


Some more xylitol .. And some maldon salt… Olive oil and white wince vinegar.. That just needs to sit and absorb.. A little stir every now and then..

Another of a salsa.. Tomatoes squished of their juices .. Chilli, onion, chilli, coriander, parsley, Bristol blend pepper, white wine vinegar , olive oil and other stuff..



Also had some fridjemole ( perhaps spelt wrong !)).. That was store bought in a red ticket ..

The breads ready to cook.. Rolled out and into the iron plate..



Wonderful lift!!

Steaks cooked up after rubbing them in mrs Middletons pimped Lebanese herb oil..


Adding some butter for extra flavour.. Ahem..

All served up..




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7 replies

  1. Now you’re talking – this is my kind of a meal. Love the homemade bread – flour from Mexico – what is special about it? Thanks for bringing a great dish to Angie’s party 🙂


  2. This is looking amazing – as if you never left Mexico! Do they have a Waitrose there? I am seriously considering emigrating 😉



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