Wild saffron cous cous & pouisson & puffys

Remember that wild saffron I said that father Fitz got me in morocco ?


Well it arrived from Amsterdam in great shape!! And also some great smelling ras al hanout..

So that shaped supper ..

The cous cous is scary simple.

Broth powder.. Wild saffron.. And easy measures. Two Cath kidston cups of cous cous meets two of the same cups if hot kettle water.. Stir and cover.. In five minutes it’s done!!


I got new supplies of Mrs Middletons lovely oil on the other day.. Whizz kindly threw in a bottle of chilli oil for us to try., so spatchcock pouissins got a dressing ..


Into the oven with them for forty minutes..

A quick lamb ‘stew’ also using the ras .. Lamb kebab from the top freezer .. Defrosted chopped and fried.. Roscoff onions , garlic and jarred roasted red peppers.. And a can of chopped tomatoes.. So quick.. Yet so darn tasty!


Puffys.. A current household fave..

The dough made ..

(As a reminder it’s 250 grams flour, teaspoon of yeast, half a teaspoon of sugar & salt.. 150 grams Water and olive oil . )..



Expert rolled out by Mrs Fitz..

Mrs Middletons oil in the uncle bens wok..


I never really understand why people say you need a heavy bottomed pan for deep frying? The wok heats up so quick..!


These breads are the business I tell ya!!

All popped together .. With some humous. ..


And the Saturday night supper was underway ..


Very nice indeedy,,


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