Easy roast beef & lovely (ultimate?) roasties

We were lucky enough to have one if MrsFitz’s best pals come and stay with us from eire. .. So fun was had.. For Sunday lunch though it had to be a roast..

With the weather starting to proper winter up its time for the big foods to step up to the plate ( or table to be fair..). .. !

So let’s play..

Red ticket topside from the top freezer provided the beast element.. Simply defrosted ? luckily remembering to this the night before..

Easy peasey cooking this..

Onion, carrot , garlic and herbs into the small enamel pan.. Beef on top.. All seasoned and olive oil splashed on.. That really is it!!



Cooked for 45 minutes.. Rested for thirty..


While the beef rests.. The ultimate roasties.. They call them that on that packet.. Inca bella spuds .. I think they are indeed lovely and when teamed up with mrs Middletons oil .. ( I have new supplies ..).. They rock!!


Simply boiled for 8 minutes.. Shook about in the colander.. Into oil.. Into the oven..


Looking cool huh?

Cavalero cabbage and peas for veggies.. Yorkshire puddings too..

And a great gravy..



A great plate of food..


(Oh! And that little extra something in the gravy? .. Here you go… Shhhh..).. Ok?


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11 replies

  1. Yum I have a bad history with cooking beef but easy suits me well x


  2. It was a gorgeous dinner, the cabbage & roasties were yum

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