Peppercorn fillet with sprouts & inca bella roasties

Last of that fillet steak need eating… What a wonderful purchase of a great bit of beast..

Perfect for rolling in very strong pepper .. Umm a little too strong..

Simply cooked in lurpack cooking butter..



The inca bella potatoes simply cut.. Into the tray with purple French garlic , garden rosemary, bay leaves and chilli oil.. A mushroom for good measure and a sprinkle of broth powder.. ( am all out of mrs Middletons which would have made these sing! )..


Decided to try some little organic Brussels too..


They should be sweet .. Even adding stevia did not assist here.. They really do need the benefit of the hard frost to sweeten .. No point eating them until them I reckons..


All plated and enjoyed.. No need for a jus or gravy here..


And a few bits left for a bubble and squeak treat.. Gonna hit that up with some great chorizo I have been keeping for just such a thing…


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7 replies

  1. Wow this whole meal looks amazing to me. Have your beef prices gone through the roof like ours have?

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  2. I need a basset stencil for my pies….these two are too much!!!!!


  3. Now that’s my kind of steak with my kind of vegetables. Wonderful stuff!

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