Spatchcock pouissin & inca bellas

Chicken and veg.. Meat and potatoes ..

Simple honest eating.. Ok.. ‘Poshed’up a bit by having the pouissins.. Yet they were red ticket items !


Simply taken out of the packet.. Straight onto the oven bars.. Above the wonderful ( have decided now..).. Inca bella potatoes


The potatoes boiled a little and drained.. Tossed in a little sunflower oil to get them going.. The juices from those two little birds will do the rest..



This is a quick supper .. 40 minutes max..

Served with yorkshires and held a beans.. I do like those helda beans I must say.. Pity they are not around longer really..


Some bearnise sauce added..

All plated and eaten..


And very much enjoyed !

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  1. Using the roasted chicken juices to drop INTO the potatoes?! Genius!!

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  2. wow I havn’t seen your blog properly for ages as I am always reading form my phone i thought i was on the wrong place for a moment. This dish looks ace and so does your blog, as Jamie might say, pukka!


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