Chinese supper for one.

With Mrs Fitz over in the Emerald Isle it’s supper for one..

Chinese ..

Dish one:

Chow mein – plain..

Roscoff onion. , Chinese garlic & ginger, shredded carrot .. All cooked in chilli oil diluted with sunflower oil.. Beansprouts added.. Then the reduced ticket egg noodles .. Oyster sauce , kikoman soy and maybe something else..



Dish two :

Fillet steak sliced, baby mushrooms.. Red lomo pepper.. Garlic, ginger, roscoff onion and carrot..

All fried off in chilli oil and sunflower again..

Noodles at the last minute..

Black bean paste and soy to flavour..



Dish three:

Chinese cabbage.. Stir fried with garlic.. Chicken stock and soy added.. And a drop of oyster sauce.. Let to soften.. ( I reckon this was the best of all the dishes!..


And the last one..

Char Sui pork balls..

Marinated pork in red sauce marinade.. ( this was done a couple of days ago.. )..



A batter made from double dragon SF flour, Japanese seasoning salt and sugar.. Mixed up with water till thick .. Left to stand then the pork dipped in and fried off.. Crunchy pieces of porky greatness!!


And for true authenticness .. Popped into plastic take out tubs to sweat a little!!


Enjoyable and delicious..

Happy fiesta friday!

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7 replies

  1. Yep. I’m loving the take away plastics there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How could she leave when you’re cooking up such a Chinese storm? 🙂


  3. That looks well tasty, you say thats just for one?!?



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