Pains perdu.. & dim sum

First the dim sum ..

Bought from waitrose.. Mrs Fitz loves dim sum..

Any good?


With loads of dressings ..


Nah.. Nopey dope dope nope..

Ahh well I know not to ge them again .. Mind you the complex packaging that enables chef ping to help out here must cost a pretty penny!!

Into the highlight of the day..

EGGYBREAD/FRENCH TOASt.. (Or pains perdu as my French pal wrote me. !)..

(Small ‘s’ on porpoise ..)..

A use up piece of sourdough .

Cut and sludged into an egg wash of burford buff eggs whisked with fines herbs..


Fried off ..



Eaten with ketchup ..


Wonderful!! And positively vegetarian ..

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9 replies

  1. I love French toast! I have never bought pre prepared dumplings, perhaps they are better fresh, thanks for the warning 🙂

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  2. Can you share one of those ? If those two cuties do not mind 😉


  3. Mmmmm love the french toast!! Nice and eggy and a great crisp! I looovvee dim sum (I have a group of friends that get together periodically to do a “Dim Sum Challenge”), but I’m a firm believer that it just has to be fresh made. I’ve never tried it pre-packaged, but now I know to be weary. But hooray french toast! Happy Fiesta Friday, my friend!


  4. Welcome back Mr. Fitz. Looks like your furry friends are ready to lend a hand.



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