Fattoush a great salad!


Following the theme for this evenings supper it had to be fattoush up next!

Many countries have a version of a bread based salad.. And don’t get me wrong I love a meat based salad.. Duck, ham , chicken, steak.. Umm mebbe more too!

Yet fattoush is an amazing salad.. A ridiculous amount of parsley, mint , big beef steak tomatoes, (see I got ‘beef’ in there! Lemon juice , sumac, and Arabic salad seasoning.. Plus of course pomegranate molasses .. Wicked stuff that!

And of course pittas toasted till hard.. Old pittas are good here.. As is any old bread… Think Italian panzanella (maybe think of spelling that right also!)..

Splashed with mrs Middletons pimped roscoff garlic oil.. And tumbled with zatar .. These are good enough themselves!!

All shook up together ..

A little red onion chopped fine also..as well as the last of a little gem that needed eating, possibly a spring onion too.. Not sure now!

This is a good one indeed.. It just takes freaking FOREVER! to chop the bleeding stuff! After all my chopping today I swear I have a blister..

Olive oil to wet and lemon juice also..

That’s sitting on the side just getting it’s game on!

Tabbouleh next!




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12 replies

  1. Mmmmm. This one I will have to try.


  2. Huh? You’ve gone vegetarian! 🙂


  3. I absolutely adore fattoush – it’s so underrated I think. Cracking with some grilled meat ooooh yummy yummy.


  4. Just gorgeous! I would devour the entire bowl myself!


  5. Ooo my mouth is watering. Perfect description 🙂 This looks EXCELLENT! Can’t wait to see your Tabbouleh!


  6. One of my favorite salads- totally worth all of the work!! 🙂



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