Mr Fitz baba ghanoush

Baba ghanoush ..


Baba ghanoush..

Smokey lovely veganess! Wow!

Who would thought something could be so good?

Ok. Bear with me on this one as it’s my first attempt..

After looking at a zillion recipes on the wonderful worldwide whatcha call it..

I decided on my own..

Introducing Mr Fitz baba ghanoush ..

Taken the aubergines.. Blackened on the gas ring.. Then into the oven to soften even more.. Peeled and smushed through a sieve to try and lose the water.. Quite a bit really !

Wonder what you could with that water? Marinate lamb chops perhaps? Any gooey eyed deers?

A seasoning of cumin salt and probably too much lemon as I had to add a little sugar and pepper to try balance it out .. Plus four cloves of garlic., a great Humm!

And of course tahini.. some people say no tahini.. I think you have to..

The balance and quantity? Ummm couldn’t tell ya! Thing is there for sure was too much lemon.. Let’s see how it balances out .. Am sure it will be fine ..

(Fingers crossed!)..

Good Italian olive oil round the edge.. pomegranate molasses squished over..

I reckon this will be cool ..




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15 replies

  1. i love roasted aubergine flavour-luscious…


  2. I agree – tahini is essential. I like your method of preparing this great dish.


  3. OMG! You are on a roll! Love this one too! 🙂


  4. This FF , the table is filled with your goodies. Thanks for the yummy feast.


  5. Tahini is a must for sure! Baba is one of my favorite all time dips, could eat it with a spoon. How did you like it? Can’t really have too much lemon, either. I always like cumin and lemon together, especially in my guacamole!


  6. I LOVE baba! Hopefully you enjoyed it!



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