Making bacon belly and jowles

Time to make bacon..

My pal jack has used his engineering skills to ensure that we had the optimum levels of cure to size and weight ratios..

He had set this to cure prior to my New York trip..

After using the secret Mr Fitz cure to anoint the belly and jowls of a very fine pig from butcher Dave ..

It’s been cured and turned every day ..

Then hung to let go harder and finish off..

We decided to try the belly pieces first.. Looking to hang the cheeks for a good while yet..

Jack was a little unsure about the hanging of the swine in his deluxe garage . Yet I reckon this is the best place I have found yet! No slime it white mould appearing.. Brilliant!

Having hacked off a bit with a Stanley knife, Jack decided that it was better we retired to our house to run it through the slicer instead..

Yet first we had to try it..

Fried a couple of bits.. And wow they were good indeedo ..

Maybe a little salty , think that was me insisting on perhaps just a little too much cure..

I liked it though..

So we ran it through the slicer .. It’s amazing how much home cooked wonderful bacon you get from a small amount of porkiness ..

Good looking rind on bacon..

I have taken this one step further ..

Have decided to try marinate some of the rashers in shandy bass ..

Remember shandy bass?

Great stuff! MEGA childhood memories of shandy bass.. If you don’t know it.. Google it ..

Will it work? Dunno yet should be a sweet salty beery kind of thing..

Will have to wait till Saturday to try it though.. Good Friday tomorrow ! Salmon en croute for supper ..

Roast rump of beef tonite though!

Happy Easter all x

Hope the Easter bunny brings you all you desire . And if course blessings where required ..







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