Homemade tortilla chips, pulled pork and fresh avocado salsa

Suppertime tonite was inspired by a post for baked tortilla chips.. Umm didn’t bake them though.. Ahem x

Shallow kinda fried corn tortillas ..

Tumbled in a spice mix of onion powder, garlic granules, some secret others.. Paprika, celery salt and Bristol blend pepper… Oh an some Japanese spices also. I forget the name yet they are chilli with some sesame seeds thingy.. Ahh yes! Togarashi!!

The pulled pork from the other day warmed and plonked atop the chips, sharp red cheese for Mrs Fitz.. Nuked a little to melt..

Sour cream , jalapeños , chills and green jalapeño sauce.. This is a frickin neat supper .. Those chops are just so so so much better than the store bought numbers.. I promise ya!!

The pinnacle for this dish? Ripe avocados .. Scooped and chopped .. With green onions.., (remember the tune??).. Hard tomatoes.. Roscoff garlic Minced in the wonderful garlic press we have searched for for years.. It’s just like the one we had in lanzarote.. It just crushes the garlic so well indeed ..

With some rice vinegar for acidity, salt and chilli .. Beautiful fresh tasting ‘hard’ flavoured salsa .. Just what this supper needed ..

And enough chips left for a wee snack tomorrow .. Night night x








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4 replies

  1. Looks delicious! I have a (serious) weakness for homemade tortilla chip nachos!


  2. You can’t beat homemade tortilla chips and I completely agree, they HAVE to be fried!


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