Chicken and chips ..

‎For lunch I was lucky enough to have some of Jack’s anti Heston stew.. and FRICKIN good it was too.. it had all those deep notes you need in a stew.. and simple tasting enough that it’s not messy in the mouth.. nothing to throw ya.. just a ‘proper’ stew.. you would pay heavy money for this in a resteraunt.. and be real happy doodle doo baaay! X

After this an‎ easy supper was required.. chicken an chips always a winner winner chicken dinner! X

Marinated chicken thighs and drumstix in ras an hanout.. that wonderful morrocan spice that is so evocative of (admittedly the nicer.. ahem x) smells of the dusty souks.. and the wonderful palaces sitting around la palmerie.. just wonderful .. I have been very fortunate to have visited this most magnificent part of the world on many occasions.. and I love it.. could live there pretty happily indeed

And preserved lemons.. the most delightful unused ingredient.. sour, sweet, tangy, salty.. they press all the right buttons!

A smattering of dried apricots.. for authenticity I suppose.. not big on fruit with meat.. some oil and popped into the oven.. 160.. forty-five minutes

Mrs Fitz came home opened the door and straight away said that the smells were amazing.. like really amazing…. and with a puppy in the house again that’s a compliment!

To go with.. crinkle chips.. with some shaved beef dripping on.. and a good shaking of the salt and vinegar powder bought in Marseille..

A good supper this.. yet why doesn’t even the heaviest of spices penetrate chicken flesh.. it’s really annoying.. I want all those flavours to be all the way through the chicken.. hmmmm x

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  1. Hi. Have been thinking about the spices not penetrating the skin. You might want to try mixing some spice with some butter and separate the skin a little and rub the spiced butter between the flesh and the skin. Just a thought!


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