New kofta kebob, pauls pickles and Sinclair Condiments..

‎Have tried a new recipe.. an all beef number.. lots of herbs and spices.. and following a kofta blend..

4 kilos made.. YUP!! FOUR.. (sorry for the caps) x

Made last nite.. cooked.. wrapped and sliced today.. the slicer ain’t behaving.. and nor is Mr Wentworth when I do it.. to be fair.. I would get a little ‘madagascar’ over it meself x

Vac packed.. distributed for samplers…

Plus a great trade from my pal Paul’s pickles.. he seems to be having a profitable time at the inside craft fair in the local mall.. ‎like a very good one! We traded well..

Also passed by the sinclairs stall.. offered.. gave… got no trade.. that’s not how it works.. ah well.. let me know how the kebob goes..

It’s a new recipe.. an all beef number as I said..

A little crumbly.. yet that’s the nature of this.. it’s a new blend.. x plenty people to try it.. when you make that much it’s worth a distribution amongst the chaps that know food x

Took a heap of the beefs.. smushed it up with spices and herbs.. baked.. rolled in foil.. left for the nite..

Into the slicer..

Went off to the woods with my DAAAAGGGSS!

We had a great time x


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