Filini rester your aunt…

Met with a couple of pals from NYC and ZA..

Went italian fusion, … In Filinis.. Nice place.. Cool staff.. Found out the chef left.. Uh-oh!

The menu? A selection of italian inspired delicacies..

Asked for the Lamb Porter house.. Was intrigued by it.. Have never had a butcher cut it that way before.. Well never happened anyways.. Ended up with chicken .. X chicken.. Humph!

My pal from Dragonfly South Africa loved the car-patch-ee-O.. Took it as a main..

Great food though! And one of the best soup bowls I have ever seen!! I want one.. No I need 6 x (Mrs Fitz may not agree.. I don’t think they will dishwasher very well..)

And the sharing of the Bignets? The chef was cool x

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