Things to do with Brussels sprouts -curry! With peas and popadoms too…

Now that we have had some frosts .. and I am still a firm believer that brussel sprouts are simply not ready until we have had those frosts .. it’s time for some sprout action!

Hated by many.. probably due to soggy overcooked festive experiences, or that they have not had that magic gift given by Jack Frost.. they really are a wonderful treat sometimes! 

Roasted and hit up with lemon juice and exotic salts they rock..

Yet turned into a curry? Yeah.. ride with me with this for mama used to make this for me.. admittedly hers being much more delicate and fine tasting. Well this is my riff .. 

start with onions of course.. fried off.. then garlic and ginger…  and some middle eastern curry powder.. middle eastern? Yup indeedy.. gulf recipes .. 


A little tomato paste.. adding the trimmed sprouts.. ( not tinned sprouts! They are real nasty!)… 

 Water to make the gravy. 

A lid on… and a shake of salt about 5 mins in.. plus some frozen peas.. 


It cooks down pretty fast and is ready when the sprouts are knife point that point a dusting of amchoor powder to add that tasty flavour note.. 

Burning some popadoms on the gas makes the perfect accompaniment!

That’s a seriously meat free dish! 


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