Quickfire posts 2 twice cooked baked potatoes with teriyaki bacon, sour cream and salad boats.. and cheese for mrs Fitz 

Another quick fire post.. 

Twice baked potatoes always work right? 

Well even butter.. oops sorry!  I meant ‘better’.. (butter comes later).. 

first.. the bacon.. smoked Wiltshire style.. chipped and fried in pork dripping.. then the teriyaki sauce added .. organic of course.. 


Isn’t that all just peachy? Or is that pimped bacony ?


First rubbed with sunflower oil and dusted in fine table salt.. baked in the top of the super Italian oven.. on one of those mad settings that seem to involve all manner of things going on…

Then halved , scooped.. mixed with french butter..the bacon .. umm probably something else too.. 

popped back into the skins.. back into the oven..    

the salad boats are simple.. a cos lettuce piece.. and bits inside.. rather nice way of having a salad.. 

Umm and that’s it..


Ahh hang on!

Adding the sour cream.. and grated cheese for Mrs Fitz..

Glorious #fabulous supper 

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