Chicken wing chermoula with olives, peppers and carrots… BOOM TASTY! 

First off for those that are not aware of what chermoula is here you go..

Its a heady mix of preserved lemons , onions , capers , coriander, parsley, salt, cumin, garlic , and a little chill and cumin.. 

Easy enough to make.. that’s kinda the point.. I buy it in a jar like this..  


It’s a great thing to have! 

So let’s do this! 

Chicken wings are my choice here.. thighs work well too..

An onion and a banana shallot as that’s all we have right now..

Wings fried off first with the chopped onion and shallot.. 

Then in go the carrots and red peppers.. Then a tub of green de stoned olives.. I do prefer the stoned ones smashed and stones removed .. I scored these on a great red ticket deal though.. 

Then the chermoula paste.. And water.. Reverse osmosis water.. 

Bubble away for about twenty odd minutes.. It’s cooked when the carrots are tender.. 


To go with?

A saffron , cinnamon bark and sabzi pollo ( herb mix from Iran).. Rice.. 

Just pop it all into the rice cooker! 

When the rice is cooked just add some butter to really enrich it! 

And it goes lovely and tasty!


The chermoula chicken wings and olives are portioned up for safe keeping..


It’s a darn tasty dish I tells ya! The oil on the top is the best! Ahem.. 

BOOM! 💥 

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