Homemade beet burgers & prudys chips

Ok.. I reckon you may have read that headline and thought “what?” Mr Fitz is making veggie burger??

Well relax my virtual pals .. It’s cool..

It began like this…

I fancied making burgers for supper .. Inspired by my attorney’s wife sourcing these great brioche buns .. And him proclaiming they were the best ever!

And me finding out that we have that same store near us.. Aldis.. So I had to go fetch some.. You ever been in an Aldis? Crazy busy! Got lucky at a new register opening though.. Score!

Ok buns in hand.. Off to get some good quality mince.. No time to chop my own today.. It’s cool..

Then I needed a recipe.. A quick mail to my attorney and this was the reply..

ground beef, about 500g, half a red or white onion finely chopped, clove of garlic finely chopped, good glug of worcestire sauce, salt pepper mixed and sqished together with your hands then flattened out and cut into 4 burgers, would fry raterthan grill with out any oil they will make their own and then make sure you put the cut buns in the oil to soak it up before serving, off the chart.

So that was the main part of the prep.. Apart from I wanted just a little more.. So the addition of some mushroom ketchup.. And veal jus powder and some Italian herbs.. And also grated in some fresh ol’ pal jacks garden beetroot.. Get the beet bit now? This should impart a real nice earthy flavour.. Then all squished together and put in the fridge to ‘set’..

Meanwhile what better than prudys chips for this?

Some fantastic red duke of York spuds.. What a great colour!

Sliced thin.. Boiled in water and white wine vinegar for 5 minutes.. Then left to cool on the rack..

Into a hot wok of mrs Middletons oil ( that oil will be used again tomorrow for teriyaki aubergine tempura .. Wooh hoo lunch time !)

Onto ikea paper to drain.. It really is unbelievable how that works!

Burgers fried then split and emmental cheese added in for mrs Fitz .. Also mushrooms added that had been fried in beef dripping and pimped Lebanese herbs mrs Middletons oil..

Now these brioche.. Umm if you try toasting them they burn real easy!

So Mrs Fitz took over the toasting duty whilst I re fried the chips for the last super crisp time..

Brilliant super flavour burgers.. Like really tasty!

And of course the chips were excellent!

Beet burgers .. Yeah!













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19 replies

  1. Just amazing! And each ingredient is delicious in itself! yum!!


  2. You tricked me big time here Mr. Fitz! Cheater! But those are one hell of the burgers and I am a big time burger fan…but ofcourse the veggie ones :). Those Prudy chips are too good!


  3. Wooo these look delicious! I admit, I was surprised thinking you were making a veggie burger 🙂 But these look gorgeous and delicious! YES!


  4. Now thats a burger and chips, yum!


  5. Ah, there was me thinking these would be veggie beetroot burgers!! I’ll tuck into the chips and let the other Fiesta Friday guests check out the burgers 🙂


  6. I need to find an Aldi’s for those buns….



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