Eye-tal-eee-ann sausages & pork rinds

Haven’t made sausages for a while..

Yet after a good walk in the woods with the hounds this morning I seem to be full of gusto! ( will crash soon!)..

It’s gotta be that air you get deep in the misty morning woods.. We looked at lots of fungus yet not knowing what’s what we left them alone.. No truffles though.. They gotta be there ..

So Italian sausage.. In lamb casings..

Belly of pork trimmed of its rind.. I would like to use the rind yet today it’s not happening.. No time for softening etc.. Boiling in milk I hear is very good.. Or did I dream that.. Hmm .. Possibly!


Belly chopped and passed through the mincer.. Italian herbs from Amsterdam added.. Himalayan salt also and a touch of Chinese broth powder .. Shhhh that’s a secret ingredient!

A little water to provide the ‘bang’! ( fat meets water..) and some white pepper..

All squishy squished up.. Into the stuffer.. Casings slipped on.. Sausages cranked out..

Twisted and hung on the kitchen cabinets to Mrs Fitz’s undelight.. Ahem… Thank goodness for spray bleach!

These smell divine! They just need to sit in the fridge to bloom.. Cool!

And the rinds?

Ooh yeah.. Cooks treat here!

Into the oven on the setting of all three things.. Oven, mickeywave and grill.. Cranked up to the max!

It’s a very neat oven I have just wish I could work out all the things and settings! One day…

Cooked for around nine minutes.. Draining off the fat once..

They pop and crackle and scare the bee-gee-zeuss out of you!

Dusted whilst hot in paprika.. Chicken seasoning and Japanese stock powder ..

Crunchy porky goodness!!

Ahhh I love good pork… Just love it! IMG_7125.JPG










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22 replies

  1. OMG those jeans – speechless, Mr Fitz! Are the hounds good truffle sniffer-outers? Your sausages look fantastic but I feel for Mrs Fitz and the hounds!


  2. Damn fine looking bangers, my friend. I’ll be over, say, four-ish? 🙂


  3. Whoa! Look at those! Those pants! And look at dem chee-cha-rons.


  4. Just been to MK market – huge mountain of sprouts!


  5. for the record, those rinds look divine. Love the idea of dusting while hot with spices – I always spice before I cook. Could be missing a trick here.


  6. They sound like brill sausages! My stomach is rumbling reading this!


  7. I’m not surprised she wasn’t happy at sausages hanging from those beautifully painted cabinets and matching woodpecker trousers too?



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