Pulled brisket of beef with olive oil breads..

I have been thinking about pulled beef for sometime now .. Doing some research.. Looking at cuts.. All that..

When it dawned on me.. First thing why don’t I just ask my fantastic butchers at ee lee & sons about the cut? They dispatch whole carcasses so no pre cut vac packing going on..

Second thing.. I thought to myself ‘c’mon Mr Fitz you know how to cook this?’..

So off to Earls Barton I went.. Great weather so I took the bug with the roof down.. A great cross country journey indeed! You have to love the English countryside, especially in good weather..

I had already been communicating with the butchers using the power of tweets..

So a good conversation was ready to be had..

The perfect cut was selected as chopped by master butcher Ian..

Master? I should write Jedi!!

So that’s the meat sorted.. A wonderfully hung thick end of brisket great colour and the smell is superb!

Onto the cooking ..

Trimmed back just a little to stop too many googly bits.. Cut and into the big creseut with a can of beef consommé ..

That should do it I reckons.. Lid on and cooked for five hours at 150 (real money) …

Oooh this is looking the business!

It just fell apart with the aid of two forks… Awesome!

I added some honey bbq sauce that needed using.. This has given it it’s ‘base’ taste.. Just delicate.. Just delicious!

We are now the proud owners of a heap of pulled beef!

What to do with it?

Well the first outing for supper was pulled beef loosened up with some water and taco spices added.. That with sour cream mixed with med flower salt and garlic chives , a jar if very good mexican salsa. A ‘fresh one ‘ not heavy on the ketchup .

And of course my internationally renowned olive oil flat breads..

So simple yet so perfect! Once you try this you will never buy another packet again!! I promise!

The recipe?

Ok …one more time!

Two cups of plain/ap flour
Two thirds of a cup of water
A teaspoon of baking powder
Half a teaspoon of salt
A quarter cup of good olive oil

All in the processor and as the man says.. Whazzy whazzy woo woo..

Into a dough.. No kneading no nothing ! Into balls and left to do its thing in the black bag.. You can though roll them straight away if you like..

Heated on the iron pan .. You can see the bubbles..

These are the softest most delicious wraps I think I have ever eaten .. I just love them !!!

Now.. I have lots of beef left.. Look out for forthcoming ideas.. Pulled beef brisket burgers in brioche.. Summer spring rolls… Oodles of noodles.. And more as I think about it!

For now I will also be popping this over to Fiesta Friday.. Its great over there..  take a looksie! http://www.thenovicegardener.wordpress.com

A big thanks to master Jedi Ian at EE Lee & sons butchers in Earls Barton , England..














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27 replies

  1. Awesome as always, Mr Fitz.
    And thank you for your flatbread recipe 🙂


  2. I soo love wraps. And pulled beef wraps would be great.


  3. Oh yum, to both the brisket and your olive oil wraps! I wonder if I can make your wraps using sourdough discards…. And that pulled beef, sound like I can kind of fall into it and come out with a food coma. 🙂
    Awesome food for Fiesta Friday, it’ll give us the energy to keep going, including Margot and I in our Dame Edna heels and wigs…..!!


  4. I’m sold on the wraps. They do look easy. And then of course I’ll need to make the pulled beef to go with them. Thanks again for a practical and delicious recipe.


  5. This looks AMAZING Mr Fitz! Slow cooked beef wrapped up in tender soft flatbreads – what a treat! Fiesta Friday this week is all the richer for your Pulled-Beef experience – thanks for bringing it along to the party! Now, can I pour you a beer to accompany your wrap? 🙂


  6. Well, other than the obvious, the food sounds amazing, I have to comment on two things.
    1. I am digging the floral cabinets (a nice back-drop to your outfit and the meat).
    2. Love that your butcher wears a tie!


  7. Mmmm… looks really delicious. Nothing like a tender slow braised brisket. Really love the olive oil flatbread too.


  8. Haha. Love that pic where the dog is eyeing off your meat 🙂


  9. Cannot get over how tasty and meaty this looks. Never thought to make my own wraps but could be changing that…good for having friends over, I reckon – or a nice Saturday night treat! I’ll have two please 🙂



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