Argey bargey .. Pakora or bhaji

What ever you call them sometimes it’s just what you need.. A great snack or starter .. And a fantastic drinks snack.. Even with a cup of sweet tea!!

My Twodaddy (mamas father) made THE best ever and we used to devour them!! That’s a pic of him there.. X

Well for these ones.., I took gram flour… Amchoor powder , fenugreek powder, garam masala, chilli salt, mustard seeds, cumin powder .. Onion powder , garlic granuals, And ummm probably more !!

Anyways mixed up with water..

Two types of organic onion.. Red and white.. Chopped and dusted in corn flour., can’t remember why yet seem to recall its a good thing to do..

Fried until golden and lovely..

Superstars these..

Served in the tray .. See not much grease .. With garlic ginger and chilli sauce..

Dropped some off to the neighbours too.. We had a plate of theirs from a couple weeks back!!

Great snack today.. Bloody great x






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  1. Love pakoras or bhajis, or whatever you call them! Just love them!


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