Supper.. not sure, Roscoff onions though! Yay!

Really stuck on what to make for supper.. like really stuck.. maybe because I had a wonderful Mr Fitz porkey Bangers and buttery thyme flavoured mash.. roscoff onion gravy and petit pois.. for lunch..

So pleased those Roscoff onions are back.. they are a truly wonderful onion.. very unique.. so fruity and fresh tasting‎.. in-fact an onion soup for today’s lunch I am sure .. yeah.. that the ticket.. cool..

And I must say that my sausages are the richest most flavourful ones to-date.. period x

Yet supper.. jeez loo-eeze.. x had a couple of pints with my pal Jack.. still couldn’t think of what to make.. although he did come up with some gooey eyed deers.. yet all with ingredients I am not currently carrying! Bah..

Asked Mrs Fitz upon returning to the nest.. “noodles!” was proudly exclaimed!!

So noodles it is.. we have half a red romano.. a roscoff onion.. roscoff garlic.. french beans.. and peas… and the left over moroccan chicken…. no taste through it so easy to strip and chop..

And a standby chilli Chinese saucey thingy.. mighty fine too!

Messed it up a little by adding the amino.. a wee bit salty.. ah well.. colorful though!

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