Stew.. stew.. stew.. YUUUUPPP!!!!

‎It’s cold.. ok.. it’s November.. it’s the UK.. we lucky to have sun and no rain! .. makes it cold though..

After a haircut.. a swim, a session in the steam room and a beard trim from the barber.. a walk with the daags.. ‎it’s time for something warming.. and something that me an Mrs Fitz can settle into the kitchen with..

Beefs stew.. with root veggies.. french beans and petit pois..

The potatoes? Pulled outta the bath.. check out the funny shape of the biggun!! Cool huh??! X

Dusted the beef with seasoned flour, french sea salt and bristol blend pepper with a smattering of herbs de provence‎.. fried with the two pieces of marrow bone.. gonna make the sauce the business man.. like the BUSINESS! X

Added the veggies.. and so proud of those spuds!

Beef stock.. and brought to the boil.. following my pal Jack’s advice pressure cooked for 26 minutes..

Cooked up some store bought garlic bread in the oven.. all cooked just in time..

Oh yeah! Added the frozen french beans and petit pois when steam released.. perfect way of ‘cooking’ them..

This was just the ticket.. lovely.. and just enough for the two of us with a portion left over.. happy bunnies x

Nite x

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