Leftover Freezer foraged lamb part one the classic shepherds pie..

ok.. Am starting this one as ever.. Let’s go through it one more time huh? 

Sheep related meat = shepherds pie

Cow related meat = cottage pie

Anything else meatwise = neither of the above .. Ok? 😶


With a fair amount of leftover roast lamb .. It has to be a shepherds pie ! There is something about using roasted lamb rather than fresh that just works.. Like really works!

Keep it simple.. Fried onion and carrots with thyme.. Then the stock.. Makes a great gravy then the chopped up meat then frozen peas. Bubble bubble bubble.. 

In the meantime make a buttery mash.. 

Pop the meat into a dish.. Plop the mash on top.  Scooze it about with a fork.  And into the oven for a good half an hour to all come together.. 


This has all the veggies etc you need right there in it.. So a splash of #hendorelish is all you need! (Thanks auntie jan 👍).. 

Pretty good on super thrift store China with a linen picked up whilst cruising the fjords or something? NOPE !! 

This s just very honest delicious fare.. And you cannot say fairer than that.. Hahahaha! 👐

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  1. Looks delicious…though admittedly, I don’t think any roasted lamb in my house has ever made it as far as the freezer!

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