Muttoned up.. supper time.. 

Returning home meant a lack of meat in the house.. And I have been quite down in my meat quota. 

Problem is that my Volvo spectacularly self destructed prior to us starting our Indian adventures.. So no car! (Mrs Fitz has the other..).. 

So luckily while that is being ‘fixed’.. (Let’s see huh?).. I got a loan of a car off a good pal, That’s cool! 😊

This enabled me to pootle about.. 

Stopping off to give a gift to a pal that we brought back from india .. 

And he in return hooked me up with a whole mutton.. So I got him to bandsaw the heck outta it! 


Ending up with quite a lot indeed.. That’s the top freezer restocked! 

 He had a keema on the go in the back.. It was delicious! What better way to showcase the meat!


So what to make for supper with this new found abundance? 

I really like mutton.. Particularly in currys and stews.. 

So curry it is! 

And it’s great to be in the kitchen cooking again I tell ya!

So first mixing up some papaya powder with water.. This tenderises the meat in about half an hour.. It’s brilliant stuff!

Frying off onions in mustard oil. 


Adding a mogli veeraswarmy putty paste for the spice.. Some ginger and garlic ground up .. A touch of water and some  zero fat yoghurt..


To go with.. A pav bhaji.. 

Fried onions in straight up Mrs middletons and butter..


Adding the pav bhaji spice.. 

 Then boiled potatoes lightly crushing some of them to thicken the ‘sauce’.. Which is simply water.. 

And breads of course.. 

Dried Fenugreek mixed with warm water and flour.. 


Into a dough. Rested a little while .. In that time decanting coriander sauce, mint sauce, Punjabi pickle, natural yoghurt with lemon and salt.. Frying off some popadoms.. Chopping salad.. 

Then the dough rolled out.. 

And oiled and folded.. 

 Cooked on the iron flat pan.. 

And there we go.. A spread of delights!



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