Umbrian black winter truffle in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for many things .. Many hedonistic delights.. Much beauty and amazing architecture .. I have another post to write about a supper in a secret club.. I have to calm down a bit first at the shocking food!!! Humph..

Let’s share this happiness now though.. Truffley happiness

Yet this was a wonderful find.. A wonderful find indeed..

Father set me off in the right direction.. Simple directions to a wonderful market.. And this is what I wanted..



This stall was full of amazing mushrooms.. Just amazing.. And the wild mushroom mix called out to me.. That’s going into the scrambled eggs for brunch..

Yet hang in one momento my friends. It’s my birthday soon, ( me and Mrs Fitz will be returning to the uae as usual to celebrate ..).. Yet in the meantime I am treated to a wonderful birthday gift from my father..

Uttering the right words got the box open… And a great sudden shivery synergy between the seller and customer.. Brrrr !! Smiles all round..

And the winter black gold and it’s amazing aroma filled my nose and heart and brought the biggest smile I have had for months..


briskly skipping back to the house it started to snow .. So as an extra treat I stopped by the ham store to treat myself in full decadence by getting their finest ham.. Not cheap.. Like really not cheap.. Yet oh my baby Jesus .. ๐Ÿ™ what an amazing five slices.. More about that in a bit..

Oh I am so happy right now.. Like seriously excited ..

We began with wild mushroom mix with three scrambled eggs.. And a monstrous amount of the Umbrian black winter truffle.. That’s decadence..



Amazing .. I think Angels were crying.. A happy cry of course..

Not happy enough with just that.. Then a pasta had to be made too..



That was simple pasta.. Boiled for four minutes.. Simple Umbrian olive oil and a smidge of butter.. And LOADS of microplaned Umbrian black winter truffle..

Laughing now like I had been sat in one of ‘ those coffee shops’ hehheh.. I can imagine the Angels lolling about in the clouds tear stained yet happy as Larry.. ( who is that happy Larry by the way?),,

At this point I have to thank my Father for such a wonderful early birthday gift..



Back to that ham.. That expensive yet amazing ham.. That piggies mother would be so proud at what it turned out like.. I am sure..

Get that ham..

Scrape lots of the truffle over it..



It’s feckin delightful..

Those few dishes have made me so so so happy .. Indeed I am feeling a wee bit truffled up..

I have to get it home though…

One possible issue…


Yet hey! I am sure they are interested in far more exotica coming from amsterdam for sure!!!

And maybe they were ..

Because I now have this decadent beauty in our home.. Man my bag smelled good!!


And Mr Wentworth for sure was very interested in it.. Good lad .. Think I will be hiding a few bits about the place to continue his career..

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  1. Wow, all of those flavors are awesome. I love mushrooms of any kind really. Are mushrooms vegetables? Because if they are, they are my favorite vegetable. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And the ham and the truffle. Just amazing. I would’ve taken those home as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Slip about 10-15 into your pocket their Fitzy- they would never know!!

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  3. Wowsers, lucky you! Just love how enthusiastic this post was! Never been to Amsterdam…on my go to list!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I would just love having access to those mushrooms and definitely those truffles! Wow!

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  5. Delicious! And there’s me thinking the Netherlands were just full of stroopwafels and dope …

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  6. Holy Jesus Mary & Joseph, this is one awesome post ! No shrinking on the truffle action there!

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  7. Um – seriously big truffle – love your excitement, love discovering things, and just hearing how you “open sesamed that box and found a truffle is wonderful ” – you on holiday in amsterdam – obviously with access to a stove despite not being at home, lucky you! Beautiful photos, happy Sunday! And happy bday in UAE (why UAE?) interesting holiday destination .)



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