Tacos & protests.. Mexico City #43


Had to get over that steak supper.. Luckily lunch was provided at work.. Now we are changing through the gears..( umm not on the roads in Mexico city though!!).. Sheeshola!

Lunch was tacos topped with alfalfa ( other toppings are available ..).. Whipped room temperature potatoes and a steak that kicked the pooky-fooky-dooky out of that 1000 peso number ..


Yummy yumm.. !!

Then in the way back to the hotel we were stopped in our tracks by an amazing demonstration byte students of Mexico City.. You can google or watch the news as to what it was all about yet was pretty wild indeed.. Thousands of people!


Nothing we could yet let them go past.. Peacefully I must say..


So off we pop for something to eat.. First passing by a chap that had amazing artisanal mescal..


Then my prayers were answered .. (Must be those off cuts of communion wafers huh?)..

A fantastic proper locals joint. The demonstrations meant that going downtown to the place we were planning on was off the cards.. It worked out very well in our favour!!

First.. Look at that kebab looking thing.. It’s actually pork!! How freaking cool!


It actually makes front page in the menu..


The place was tremendous.. Full of locals.. Off the beaten track so to speak.. How did we get there? A great ‘secure’ taxi driver.. We paid him to stay with us and also eat with us.. (Best way of ensuring a ride home huh?)..

The selection wax immense.. That pork of course had to get an outing..


The corn tortillas fried then over the coals were off the chart!! Fresh guac.. Amazing other bits.. All added up to an entire flavour party for the gastronomic senses!!


A steak number too ..


A drink that I cannot spell yet was made on premise fresh.. Delicious..

And you had one happy Mr Fitz indeedo.. Viva mexico!!


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  1. It’s breakfast time…. And now I’m bloody starving!

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