Lunch sandwiches.. Surf and turf kinda..

Easy lunch required .. Surf an turf..

Surf in the form of fish fingers for me ..

And the turf was the last of the home-made burgers for Mrs Fitz.

Let’s start with the fish finger butty.. I challenge anyone to not have a small smile at the prospect if a fish finger sarnie.. The crunch of the fish stick.. Soft and yielding flesh.. Crammed into a slightly toasted couple slices of bread.. Or spanking fresh roll or loaf.. Buttered of course.. Real butter..

No mayo or tartar sauce for me.. A good dollop of stokes red sauce.. I put the salad in to make Mrs Fitz feel better about me having greens.. Promptly took them all out to eat this wild sandwich.. And I don’t dig the shishies!!

A sandwich if royalty the fish finger sandwich.. Posh it up if you like .. Or choose not too and go ‘street’ on its bad self.. Just enjoy what it is.. I sure did!!

So that’s the surf now the turf..

Chopped red onion, chestnut mushrooms are fried in the pan.. Sweated down.. Addition of the two last pattys .. And some jalapeños from a jar.. Then Haloumi .. The squeakiest of squeaky cheeses .. Had a pack needed eating so that gets a quick turn in the pan also..

All popped in-between toasted sandwich thins muttered ( like buttered yet with chilli mayo instead!)

And a squeeze of frenches mustard..

Again the addition of salad to make you feel better.. It’s a bag I got reduced from the store so no big loss here ..

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen.. Surf and turf sandwiches..






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  1. Oh my, you have totally put me in the mood for a fish finger sandwich!!


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