Chapli style kebab & lavash bread

Lovely soft lamby kebabs..

Yummmmmm.. I love kebabs.. They have to be good though , the meat of a good quality for starters. And not left sitting around too long.. Also I do think they need to be flavoured.. Sure meat on a stick is fine.. Yet dressed up with some spices? Now ya talking!!

This was this version of the chapli kebab. In fact it’s actually probably nothing like chapli kebab.. Yet that what the spice said on the box.. So that’s what I am sticking to..

Made by finely mincing lamb leg.. Adding chapli spice mix.. (Of course not following the ‘actual’ recipe at all!

Firmed into pieces and fried with no oil so so slowly..


Just to get some colour on them.

Once done a good squizzle of pomegranate sauce..


We are very lucky to have a good middle eastern type food place near us.. And they do this fantastico bread..

Check this out!


Just sprinkled with water, folded up and chef ping took a care of that..

Served with store bought yoghurt with wild garlic and baba ghanoush ..


Some fresh rocket leaves.. And all snuggled in together ..


Dee-lish-OOOUUSS !!


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  1. You? Love kebabs? Who would’ve guessed????
    🙂 😉

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