Curry mince & sausage rolls

After a lengthy conversation with my attorney yesterday about various supper options .. I actually rang in the first place to get his new chilli recipe that I hear is quite the number..

Not enough time to make the cowboy chilli.. Will have to be for another time .

Yet what to make ? ( yeah ok I know it’s in the title of this post.. yet c’mon bear with me!)…

My attorney reminded me of those wonderful maharaja dishes that are so soft ( due to the lack of teeth).. so that had me thinking, we also talked about keema .. Or curry mince ..

Ummm ok so .. Take the casserole steak . Run it through the mincer with onion , purple garlic , and frozen ginger ..

Then add Caribbean mild curry powder, cumin and salt.. Let that cook down adding water to keep it moist .. adding petit pois and some garam masala near the end.. a chopped bag if spinach and chopped coriander .. Let it plip away ..

To serve?

Delicious cloudy like breads.. Made with the normal now a staple recipe.. The trick is not to cook them too long!

Also had to make sausage rolls for Mrs Fitz to take into work for Macmillan day..

So cheated a little with store bought puff.. Adding stuffing and secret seasoned sausage meat.. Before topping off with apple sauce , rolling , washing and baking off .. I got to admit they taste pretty splendid indeed!

Happy friday!










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21 replies

  1. Now thats what I call an appetizer. Wow!


  2. Happy Fiesta Friday, Mr Fitz! This looks absolutely fabulous…and the perfect dish to share with us! This is definitely something that I would love to try… the only thing I have to ask you is… Where is the cheese? 😉 thanks so much for sharing… ❤


  3. Wow!! Sausage rolls and curried mince??? You’ve got me sold…what a neat idea, and so different from the regular sausage rolls! CLEVER YOU!!


  4. Very fancy schmancy! I’m stealing this one 🙂


  5. No bargain buys this week? Well, thank you, for splashing out on this Friday! Oh no, just spotted the coriander leaves …
    Your sausage rolls look delicious, btw!


  6. These look amazing! I adore sausage rolls 🙂


  7. Those sausage rolls look so creative and fancy! My eyes got huge when I saw that last photo. It looks amazing! That gorgeous looking naan-type bread also had my mouth watering! You throw down in the kitchen Mr. Fitz!


  8. Looks amazing. Your breads look fab, I never have much success with breads like that!


  9. Another cracking batch of sausage rolls, another cracking batch of flat breads and a cracking curry mince. I thought this was going to be a Fear and Loathing-esque when you started with your attorney 🙂



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