Lamb choppies with..

First of all who doesn’t like lamb chops,?

Hands up.. Ummm .. Hmmm .. Ok. Apart from the obvious vegan/vegetarians .. ( least we forget that the lamb itself was one of them.. Ahem )..

And what better than those delicious tincy wincy French trimmed numbers ? ( not too tincy mind .. )

Simply rubbed with a miso soup base and unsalted French butter . Pan fried till the fat is crisp ., OOOH laaa laa !!!

Served with a mash of chives and red duke of York spuds. Smudge cup with olive oil and Italian herb mix.. Woulda kept the skins in yet not the greatest unfortunately ..

Green beans and veal jus .. The jus being added to that lamby goodness in the pan..

Delightful !







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4 replies

  1. Every time you make lamb chops you have me drooling! My favorite meat!


  2. Haha. Nice work… Washed down with a few coldies?


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