Gotta know your onions!

So .. Am after leaving Paris.. The food ?

Well not as hot as you would think!

Real decent Bavette steak with ‘proper’ chips.. And of course the obligatory lettuce on the side.. What is that about this part of France? No veg! Always lettuce though.. As my old french teacher used to say.. Ahhh hmm nope forgotten! Still was something about lettuce and this part of France..

Good steak though .. Seriously x

Yet this post aint about the steak.. Its about Onions.. Sure we think we know our onions.. And believe me I have traveled far and wide to seek good onions.. Not the regular brown or now so often misunderstood red.. Instead the beauty of the melty roscoff, the sharp tang of the chinese welsh.. Chinese welsh? Uhuh .. I grow them.. X

Onions have so so many uses.. Magical really.. May post again tomorrow about them ads they really are so valuable in any form of cuisine.. Have a think about it.. X

Nite nite x

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