Six meats burger yup six meats

Six meats burger?

Is this some sort of new chain?

Umm no… It was my supper

This burger may be seen by some as wrong.. Mrs Fitz tutted for sure..I tell you that in advance ok?


Are you sure?

Ok then…

This burger starred the following:

Home made beet & beef patty
Bavarian hotdogs
Earls barton pressed salt beef
Hungarian mangelica sausage
Iberico 12 month aged ham

And one burford buff egg …

On brioche bin with a smidge of ketchup..

All fried in a little beef dripping..

And was freaking amazing!

Not to be eaten often mind you!

And desert?

Wonderful chocolate brownies from the neighbours with cookie dough ice cream.. Admittedly I fell asleep pretty darn quick after this supper..

Yet have woken feeling very happy…










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11 replies

  1. Meat Fiesta for Friday Fiesta! I thought that you were going it mince it all up together to create some sort of Frankenstein patty but I should have known better!!


  2. My arteries feel thicker just from looking at the pictures. Great stuff.


  3. Oh I want one! Or maybe even two 😋 This burger looks perfect to me! The more meat the better 😉


  4. This is gourmet meets gourmand. Sounds delicious.



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