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Patricks pie

We are lucky enough to have my Godson staying with us for the weekend.. Mr Wentworth and Vora Murley have thoroughly enjoyed having Patrick around.. Anew cuddle friend! Patrick has an Australian Mum and a welsh/English dad.. So he must… Read More ›

St Patrick’s day chinese

So.. Having to make those cliché paddys day foods just wasn’t sitting well with me.. Decided instead (after a heap of dialogue from my beautiful irish country girl wife).. Let’s ‘fusion it up’ plus she wanted Udon noodles for ages!… Read More ›

Duck Confit part 2?

Happy St Patricks weekend, that big in our house.. X Had a busy day today, should have ‘face-timed’ my Father (other postings) yet was real tied up with work stuff! Not gonna bore you with that as the Duck confit… Read More ›