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Last kebabs in Istanbul..

ok don’t panic! Stay cool!! There are more left for other people..  Yet Is this really the last kebab? We’ll probably joy yet it is indeed for now the last kebab in Istanbul ..  So where to have this mon-u-ment-us… Read More ›

Lanzarote.. Gyros..Kebab

‎We are off to Lanzarote this weekend for a vacation.. just as the weather turns it makes for a great shot of sunshine before getting ready for the hibernation.. My attorney was just out there.. (he IS kinda ‘out there’… Read More ›

Kebabs fit for a king

‎My mind wandered into the realms of turrets, elephants, pink castles, shimmering heat and starry nites.. all because of a reduced chicken in the local store.. x I had thoughts of skinning the chuck, marry-nate-ing-it and ‎spatchcoking to roast.. Decided… Read More ›

Doner kebab

‎Had to do it.. they promised sunshine.. yet we had rain.. sunny now though! Decided post shopping that sausages and Doner was on the cards.. Went and saw my great butcher.. one kilo of mutton with some lamb in for… Read More ›

Kebab supper

‎Had to do it.. had read the book that has been sent to change my life.. and nah it ain’t the bible or the Koran or any other!! Hahahh x Still.. Gone for little kebab nuggets seasoned with morrocan and… Read More ›

Flying home 

So it’s the last of the Indian adventures.. Time to fly home..  And I just say that this really is indeed the way to travel.. 😏 Great kebabs in the plane..     Served up with these amazing breads..    And… Read More ›

Bang on biryani X2

we truly are being spoilt for delicious food..  After a pootle about Jaipur, taking in some sights and a couple of libations..      This is my pal Abhi who hopped me about.  A lovely chap with a real interesting outlook… Read More ›

Easter in Eire

its easter a time of eggs and biblical stuff .. And I am in Eire -Cork to be exact..  Mrs Fitz’s homeland.. Umm slight problem though.. Mrs Fitz was due to be with me however we spent all last nite… Read More ›

Lunch in Paris ..

Needed to eat as last post!! Blood sugars crashing hard!! Saw a great gourmet burger truck outside in the street.. Stole the opportunity to purchase and snaffle.. A real good steak hache in a brioche bun.. Green stuff and tomatoes….. Read More ›

Flapjacks and Wraps

‎Ok.. have tried.. I have tried.. well ok not tried persay.. yet thought very long and hard about it.. Porridge.. for sure it’s good for you.. and that slow release energy thingy is not to be sniffed at.. I did… Read More ›


Have you hear of this place? KC & Google it (other search engines are available yet I don’t think as good..x).. it’s worth it.. they even have a Q cam so you can check the line.. and it can… Read More ›

Chilli sauce with that?

‎I like a gyros.. or doner kebab.. as per Sundays post.. people slate ’em.. that late nite drunk soaker upper.. usually bought by a mistake..! And feeling bad in the morning!.. and the smell! Wowee woo woo! ‎ So.. what… Read More ›

Meaty scraps rice fry!

You know I keep those scraps of meats.. Small bags.. In the freezer for the rainy day rice frys..? Well ok not rainy today.. In fact blinkin hot! (Did rain this morning though… That fine misty rain..) The kind of… Read More ›

Sunday post gym lunch!

Back to the gym yesterday.. Man its tough!! Does though bring out a great appetite x So post gym.. Sustenance was needed .. Keeping on the healthy vibe.. The sun is shining so its kinda easy to eat like this….. Read More ›