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Chimchurri sauce..

It’s my birthday.. I like saying that.. It’s my birthday!! So first up some Chimchurri sauce .. Because I have some eatings planned for this weekend!! Chimchurri sauce its roots set out Argentinia way.. Many versions.. This is mine this… Read More ›

Baked Tandoori baby chickens

bit late this post.. Have been travelling.. More on that later! For now check these great baby chickens.. Skinned and spatchcocked. Marinated in a secret ( think ‘national’) blend of tandoori spices with extra garlic, ginger and lemon juice. A little… Read More ›

Chicken thrice .. 

Huh? Chicken thrice?  Yup three dishes, one chicken in the leading role..  Sitting comfortably?  Then let’s press play! 🎬 As I stated with this its one chickens adventure into three meals.. Well six really I suppose as each fed two.. … Read More ›

Bbq mix up meats

well the season seems to be starting.. The wonderful wisps of charring things..  My attorney has started grilling a day early this year according to his records.. That must be a reflection on the earths movements , weather change type… Read More ›

Sunday chicken supper

with some of them reduced chucks still hanging out in the deep freeze they better get a spin out..  So defrosted on the magic defrosting plate . If you don’t own one I really recommend that you get one.. Not… Read More ›

Strip steak of sorts

a visit to the most excellent butchers in earls barton meant we have a few goodies in for the weekend .. Starting with this steak that I can only think is part of the hanger-onglet-skirt..    It needed some extra… Read More ›

Roast loin of pork supper

Final supper for this birthday weekender.. Roast loin of pork.. A full on bone in number.. First it’s all about the pork.. Cracking free range number from those butcher boys in Wollaston.. They sang me happy birthday when I went… Read More ›