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Chicken carcass soup

‎Mrs Fitz ain’t well.. she has a bad cold.. it seems to happen everytime we go on vacation! We have met with pharmacists across the globe! So what better than chicken noodle soup to make her better.. homemade of course….. Read More ›

Tapas tapas tapas

‎After the last bowls of medicinal chicken soups.. and a fine siesta on the lilo.. We hit the tapas.. decided it was a great way of us chilling out.. taking those lovely small plates of food.. and of course a… Read More ›

Filini rester your aunt…

Met with a couple of pals from NYC and ZA.. Went italian fusion, … In Filinis.. Nice place.. Cool staff.. Found out the chef left.. Uh-oh! The menu? A selection of italian inspired delicacies.. Asked for the Lamb Porter house….. Read More ›