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Middle bacon sarnies

Sometimes a bacon sandwich is just the ticket! A few things though.. No snotty bacon please!! Fresh French unsalted butter and I leave the always argued condiment choice to you.. Personally it’s red for us.. This bacon is awesome!! Middle… Read More ›

Makin bacon..

Are you fed up of ‘snotty’ bacon.. This kind that leaves a watery gooey mess in your pan? Or maybe you are fed up of paying the ridiculous prices for so called artisan bacon? Widely available at farmers markets and… Read More ›

Mr Fitz Bacon & Sausages

‎Had a lovely breakfast.. Of Mr Fitz.. streaky bacon.. Mr Fitz. Herby sausages.. and an egg and fried french bread.. Man.. I will never buy bacon or sausages again.. EVER!! This was a delicious scooby snack.. like proper delicious.. The… Read More ›

Makin’ Bacon..

‎Mr Fitz home cured Hickory bacon is on again.. just cured up the loin.. rind on this time.. feedback from the last lot was brilliant! So let’s wait the week.. turning it every day.. Can’t wait! X

Sunday lunch leftovers = Pie!

Well hullo again.. it’s been a while huh? Umm yeah.. apologies for that my friends.. been real busy with the urbankitchen and creating fabulous food adventures for our wonderful clients.. Heyhum.. let’s talk leftovers .. These are Sunday lunch leftovers….. Read More ›

Beans on toast

A simple lunch, supper , or even as an appetiser? A great snack anyways.. Of course the beans have to be heinz!! That’s a given right? Yet how to make em even better? Try this out.. Chopped white onion.. Garam… Read More ›

News years eve Brekkie

First of all apologies if you have already entered 2015.. Of 20015 (? that’s for my attorney! Never been the greatest with numbers ..).. That Dubai firework show was awesome though right? Yet this was a seriously good breakfast that… Read More ›

Mickey sandwich

Quick post here.. Yesterday was out wedding anniversary .. We had a lovely day.. No posts on supper nor lunch.. Yet breakfast.. Did you know though that Malaga was once in the running for eurodisney? Then ‘Paris’ got it instead… Read More ›

Hunters beef

I have no gooey eyed deers as to why this is called hunters beef.. Am pretty sure someone can tell me! Yet that’s what it says in the packet.. So that’s what it is. .. One kilo of very fine… Read More ›

Beef kinda bourguignon

I found this big lump of topside in one of the freezers.. It’s not my favourite roasting joint and I had forgotten to portion it onto more manageable lumps! So a few things.. A chilli type affair.. That will have… Read More ›

Double baked potatoes

Double baked spuds are the best .. I reckon so anyways.. Rubbed with mrs Middletons Lebanese pimped herb oil . Dusted with fine sea salt , skewered and into the oven on the rack ., They would to be fair… Read More ›

Sunday breakfast

I have a chap coming over to chop down some trees.. Unfortunately the apple tree has to come down.. It’s been overtaken by the ivy.. The apples have never really been good enough for eating.. The neighbours tree always seems… Read More ›

Hot diggidy doggies..

Went off to see butcher Dave today.. Got a bunch of stuff.. Look out for venison burgers.. White pudding.. Classic English breakfast sausages.. Mr Fitz legendary doner style kebob..And hmmm more to come too! For now let’s focus on the… Read More ›

Leftover Sprouts

Bubble and squeak from Me pal Jack Taylor.. have just lent him some fat and some orkney beef sausage seasoning for a slicing sausage he is making.. his meat is far too lean!! And being a good Celtic scot.. he… Read More ›


Originally posted on From Belly to Bacon:
Cross Section of Cured and Dried Guanciale People say that bacon is a trend and, in my opinion, part of it is. Bacon, by itself, is probably more of a hanger on of the surge…

Morels and Mounties

‎Think the Mounties may be on to me! Perhaps the post about the thanksgiving was not good? X Breakfast at Morels though was nice.. of course donuts with home made jam.. covered in powdered sugar.. is naturally the best way… Read More ›

Jacks: Cheats Spag Bol

This is a great cheatey recipe from My pal Jack.. move over Delia!! Jack’s at the helm! ‎‎‎‎‎ Tonight I decided to cook some Spaghetti Bolognese. I had a jar of that well known ready made sauce prepared by… Read More ›

Truffle hunting pre-dinner

‎Some may have received a post already.. apologies.. here is the real deal.. We have arrived ready for tomorrow’s truffle hunt.. he better get it! Mr Wentworth was great on the journey.. and we passed stonehenge.. are we druided up?… Read More ›

Boys nite in..

‎Mrs Fitz gone off to Eire.. so boys alone!! Well me and Mr Wentworth.. x What do you do? Crack open some beers..? Call some buddies and start up the games console (you choose which..) watch the ‘end’ channels on… Read More ›

Pork scratchings

‎Had to make some pork scratchings today.. used the rind from the bacon I am curing.. the bacon will be superb!! Organic hickory smoked.. yay!! (more about that in a week) x My attorney has been working flat out.. told… Read More ›

Home sweet home..

For now..x A great oak smoked bacon rasher sarnie.. Real butter.. Some red sauce.. White bread and a smile x (And a very cutey looking Mr Wentworth that didn’t get any in the end.. )

Home sweet home..

I am very lucky an get to travel a heap.. Its also good no.. GREAT! To get home.. Mrs Fitz & Mr Wentworth are my bestest friends.. X (it does get lonely on the ‘road’ despite being exposed to some… Read More ›

BA Lounge

Quite nice this.. Been before.. If you like to drink hard liquor.. Its the place to be.. A little early though today.. Quite a nice bacon butty.. And the WiFi is strong!! What on earth are you doing Sir Richie… Read More ›

Jacks ribs!

Ribs … MMMMMMMmmmmmm.. AAAHHHhhh… MMMmmmm x RIBS! a carnivores treat.. Ok let’s not get into any talks of bbq.. Or dry runs.. Or a wet mop.. Or anything else!! Am sure we are gonna have loads of different ribs shared… Read More ›

Guinness soda bread

Mrs Fitz (still not well.. If it carry’s on much more a referral will be on the cards).. Decided to cheer herself up by making bread.. Guinness Bread? Yup! Personally I like lucozade, milky ways and comics when feeling sick….. Read More ›

Ribs! Glorious Ribs!

You gotta love good ribs… There is something quite naughty about them, something that takes you back to being primeval.. Like you shouldn’t really be eating them.. Let alone sucking and chewing and eating them up like a contented dog….. Read More ›