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Breakfast sausages ..

With all these sausages hanging about it would be very silly indeed not to snaffle a couple for breakfast .. So I did!! Baked at 180 for twenty minutes or so.. Popped into a buttered soft roll. A dollop of… Read More ›

Chorizo sausages ..

To use up the last if the ground pork I did for the hotdogs.. I made chorizo.. I have indeed nailed this I must say.. They are not the hung and dried type.. These are cookers .. Wonderful juicy spicy… Read More ›

Chilli sausages

After the replacement part has been sent to me … I was hoping to be back to fully working order.. Yet no good, bah hum bugs x Gonna have to get back to the supplier and let’s try again.. It… Read More ›

Turkey sausages..

‎Ok.. you may be bored of Turkey.. or sitting their thinking/looking at a huge pile of bird in the fridge/pantry/sideboard.. this ain’t a post about use up poultry.. it’s a tale of Two Turkeys.. Two heavily discounted Turkeys!! Sitting comfortably?… Read More ›

Lamb and redcurrant sausages

‎Have gone for some seasonal sausages.. the holiday season is in full swing.. the radio playing Christmas songs.. and you cannot get anywhere near a store without people seemingly panic purchasing!! Sheesh!! So gone for lamb and redcurrant sausages.. with… Read More ›

Jamaican blend sausages

‎Mr Fitz tries international flavours of the world.. just a couple of kilos of the finest Jamaican.. Wishful thinking?? Wistful dreaming? Nah.. wanna captcha those flavours of JAMAICA! Scotch bonnet.. ginger, pimento, garlic.. some thyme.. and some ‘other’ secrets! 2… Read More ›

Mr Fitz Bacon & Sausages

‎Had a lovely breakfast.. Of Mr Fitz.. streaky bacon.. Mr Fitz. Herby sausages.. and an egg and fried french bread.. Man.. I will never buy bacon or sausages again.. EVER!! This was a delicious scooby snack.. like proper delicious.. The… Read More ›

Old Dubliners sausages..

‎They are mighty fine those sausages.. they cut so well and cook so fine.. (sounds like starting of a song!) x Very nice with a dollop of Stokes ketchup..

Old Dubliner Sausages

‎Just cooked up some of the Old Dubliners.. they rock! Great taste, really savoury and sausagey… crisp and slightly charred.. with a good dollop of Stokes Ketchup..‎ this was a delicious scooby snack.. all in the name of tasting of… Read More ›


Am on this sausage making.. reckon these could be good.. after a pretty in depth conversation with my butcher (who is also England’s best apprentice butcher she has won an award for that!), I have some new gooey eyed deers….. Read More ›

Sausages! (Not whhalls)

Remember those pudgy sausages I made the other day? With the addition of corsican fig syrup? .. Well had a pal over for supper yesterday.. And he said.. Without reservation that they were the best sausages he reckons that they… Read More ›

Hot diggity daags

where have I been? A bit busy.. That’s all I can reveal right now!  Yet here is a quick and simple post.  Take green onion and green pepper.. Chop up nice and small..    These are smaller gauge bockwurst.. I… Read More ›

Bangers, mash and gravy

even just re reading that title makes  me smile.. Like really makes me smile.. and who wouldn’t .. It’s one of the ultimate comfort foods..  Perfect for post Easter feasting.. First the mash.. Maris pipers boiled with a piece of… Read More ›

Making merguez & Mercs

i love merguez sausages.. I like Mercs too..  Let’s start with the merguez though.  I am going for a straight lamb one.. Although adding beef is possible too..    This is breast of lamb.. Mixed with spices and herbs..  One… Read More ›

Easter in Eire

its easter a time of eggs and biblical stuff .. And I am in Eire -Cork to be exact..  Mrs Fitz’s homeland.. Umm slight problem though.. Mrs Fitz was due to be with me however we spent all last nite… Read More ›

McMrFitz breakfast bun

Loosely based on that clowns breakfast offering.. Loosely indeed.. Taking the fine Italian sausages.. Turning them into breakfast patties by simply taking them outta the lamb casings.. After all that trouble of getting the darn things stuffed in the first… Read More ›

Bangers mash and beans

Bangers mash and beans.. Yeah! That classic comfort hug of a food, one that evokes childhood memories.. And how many places do you know that serve bangers  sausage mash and peas still? Usually with a good gravy.. It’s the biz… Read More ›

Quick toad in the hole

Needed to use up these great Nuremberg sausages I got given from a pal that got given them from a visiting pal from Austria.. I love the Nuremberg sausage.. If you don’t know it you really should! Steeped in history….. Read More ›

Sunday breakfast

I have a chap coming over to chop down some trees.. Unfortunately the apple tree has to come down.. It’s been overtaken by the ivy.. The apples have never really been good enough for eating.. The neighbours tree always seems… Read More ›

Hot diggidy doggies..

Went off to see butcher Dave today.. Got a bunch of stuff.. Look out for venison burgers.. White pudding.. Classic English breakfast sausages.. Mr Fitz legendary doner style kebob..And hmmm more to come too! For now let’s focus on the… Read More ›

Cottage pie supper

Still in use up mode! Gone for the ultimate comfort food.. Well one if them at least ! Cottage pie .. Mmmmm even just saying it out loud makes you start to feel snuggled and dreamy.. cottage pie And I… Read More ›

Sausage rolls

So it’s Friday… Mrs Fitz liked Friday Its a significant day in many religions as well as signifying the end of the week… Friday always feels good! and think if the advertising campaigns that are bully around Friday’s “thank Crunchie… Read More ›

Headless Brawn

Nice from Jack.. this one I fancy a go of!! Save me a slice Jack!! When I was in the butchers in Newport Pagnell for the pork mince for the Lorne Sausages, I bought 3 huge trotters. I had a… Read More ›

Boys nite in..

‎Mrs Fitz gone off to Eire.. so boys alone!! Well me and Mr Wentworth.. x What do you do? Crack open some beers..? Call some buddies and start up the games console (you choose which..) watch the ‘end’ channels on… Read More ›

Doner kebab

‎Had to do it.. they promised sunshine.. yet we had rain.. sunny now though! Decided post shopping that sausages and Doner was on the cards.. Went and saw my great butcher.. one kilo of mutton with some lamb in for… Read More ›

Great lunch!

‎Had a great lunch today.. a great lunch with a good pal.. ok.. so it was a business meeting yet it always is nice to take them with friends huh? So off to the Chinese warehouse amazing place.. full of… Read More ›

BBQ.. Pressured ribs..

Jack has been extolling the virtues and wonders of pressure cooking the ribs prior to marination.. I have always been a fan of the low and slow.. Yet have succumbed.. Chop the ribs.. Twenty minutes on setting 2.. They do… Read More ›

Thursday supper

What is ‘thursday’ ? Is ot Thors day? The chap with the hammer and those cool wings on his hat? And a great blue suit? Am I right? Dunno.. Anyways been an off an on weather day.. Matched with my… Read More ›

Meaty scraps rice fry!

You know I keep those scraps of meats.. Small bags.. In the freezer for the rainy day rice frys..? Well ok not rainy today.. In fact blinkin hot! (Did rain this morning though… That fine misty rain..) The kind of… Read More ›

BBQ hot weekend..

Its hot.. At last.. Like real hot.. What to when so hot? Fill the pool.. Get the loungers out.. Discover you have bees nest in the roof lining of ya shed.. Yeah.. Blinkin bees nest.. Will get that looked at….. Read More ›