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firstly let me tell you I have been waiting to attend this event for ages.. I missed it two years in a row..  Yet for my birthday back in March Mrs Fitz bought me an excellent gift of not only… Read More ›

Nordwijck Holland

Having ever been to this part of holland was very interested to take a looksie at this pretty cool coastal village? Town? City? Not sure about that! Am lucky enough to be staying at the hotel huis ter duin.. A… Read More ›

Beef kinda bourguignon

I found this big lump of topside in one of the freezers.. It’s not my favourite roasting joint and I had forgotten to portion it onto more manageable lumps! So a few things.. A chilli type affair.. That will have… Read More ›

Jamies BBQ …

Jamies Barbacoa Firstly. Is it really any good?.. Hmmmm Well location score! Fantastic views of St Pauls.. Website versus actual place.. A little mis-leading.. Shame.. Lack of ‘Qing’ meat.. Let’s try it… So to begin? Pork scratchings with a vanilla… Read More ›

22 May, 2013 21:12

Am very lucky to be having supper tonite in the Frankfurt Jumeirah with a couple of good pals… Its nice here.. If you are to be here in Frankfurt, I do suggest you think of staying here.. Check it out… Read More ›