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Mr Wentworth

Tonite.. Its all about Mr Wentworth.. Happy fools day.. No fools here (as Mr ‘T’ used to say hahahah) x So what is he eating? Best lilys organic puppy food with a lite dressin of iams.. Perfect.. Great lad this… Read More ›

Pats tomahawks 

Having our lovely godson helping us on the food trucks and generally being a complete and utter star! He decided to treat us to some tomahawk steaks.. good lad! For those that want to know tomahawk steak equals freakin awesomeness… Read More ›

Patricks pie

We are lucky enough to have my Godson staying with us for the weekend.. Mr Wentworth and Vora Murley have thoroughly enjoyed having Patrick around.. Anew cuddle friend! Patrick has an Australian Mum and a welsh/English dad.. So he must… Read More ›

Pressed salt beef hash

This pressed salt beef is the business.. I mean like seriously the business! Made to an old navy recipe by my pals at earls barton.. It is the best cross between tinned corned beef , ‘premium’ sliced corned beef.. Superb… Read More ›

Cott-herds pie?

Cott -herds pie ? Huh? Ok let’s try it this way around lam-tage pie? You there yet? Some help? Well seeing as shepherds pie is lamb based and cottage pie is beef based this is a hybrid.. Why? First off… Read More ›

Quick toad in the hole

Needed to use up these great Nuremberg sausages I got given from a pal that got given them from a visiting pal from Austria.. I love the Nuremberg sausage.. If you don’t know it you really should! Steeped in history….. Read More ›

Leftovers for lunch

We have a bunch of leftovers from the weekend .. Thats cool in my book! So.. Leftover lunch número uno.. Chopped spatchcock chicken leg.. Into toasted buttered bun.. With a dressed Italian caper berry and wild chives leafy salad ….. Read More ›

Super sausage Saturday !

Saturday turned into an afternoon of making provisions.. Firstly I bagged up all that pheasant for Mr Wentworth and Cora Murley.. Who both incidentally have decided that they are ‘off’ pheasant right now!! So into the freezer went 34 parcels… Read More ›

Tuna pasta lunch

‎What to make for Mrs Fitz’s lunch? Am trapped indoors.. well not trapped.. looking after new arrival Cora Murley.. she cool.. no fear whatsoever! It’s great for Mr Wentworth…x Hmm.. cupboard time.. a can of tuna.. some tomatoes in the… Read More ›

Anniversary supper

‎It’s our anniversary.. the wedding one.. So what with having Cora Murley and a very bouncy yet tryin to be helpful Mr Wentworth.. it has made supper a wee bit difficult.. Gone for a spatchcocked chuck.. cut the back bone… Read More ›

Home coming delights..

‎I Love Mrs Fitz.. like really love her.. and particularly when I have been travelling hard.. she always makes me a shepherds pie.. and some buttermilk irish soda bread.. It’s become world renowed as I travel.. everyone from customs to… Read More ›

Truffle butter

‎What to do with that wonderful truffle brought back from our hunting.. ? Due to travel for the next couple of weeks.. needed to ‘preserve’ it’s rarity and make sure we could enjoy it in the future! So truffle butter… Read More ›

A somerset jaunt..

‎As we leave somerset with our truffles and heads full of new found knowledge.. we (me an Mr Wentworth) decide to take in some of the food related sites along the way.. First stop Julien Temperleys Cider Brandy distillery.. perhaps… Read More ›

Truffle Hunters..!

We made it.. after a breakfast worthy of a good hunt, me & Mr Wentworth drove the short distance to the secret location.. After gaining access through the big iron gates.. we meet Marion Dean.. with a big smile.. and… Read More ›

Truffle hunting pre-dinner

‎Some may have received a post already.. apologies.. here is the real deal.. We have arrived ready for tomorrow’s truffle hunt.. he better get it! Mr Wentworth was great on the journey.. and we passed stonehenge.. are we druided up?… Read More ›

Boys nite in..

‎Mrs Fitz gone off to Eire.. so boys alone!! Well me and Mr Wentworth.. x What do you do? Crack open some beers..? Call some buddies and start up the games console (you choose which..) watch the ‘end’ channels on… Read More ›

Pasty in bed..

‎Where better than a lazy Sunday morning in bed.. with a pasty!! My pal Fulham Dave went to the coast.. and brought back fresh crab for Mrs Fitz.. clotted cream an scones an jam for us to share and a… Read More ›

Cottage pie

‎It’s rainy here.. like really rainy.. need some comfort food.. something to warm me up and feel nourishing.. it’s still hot though.. so you have a kinda tropical feel about the place.. Mr Wentworth happy with his bone.. I decided… Read More ›

Indian food.. a thali!

‎Well.. still on an injun vibe.. Mrs Fitz off to Eire.. running about like a good un! So decided on a flourish myself.. ok.. hmmm.. right! Chicken saag.. as it’s so nice at the moment, this time added ‎some coconut… Read More ›

Old Dubliner Sausages

‎Just cooked up some of the Old Dubliners.. they rock! Great taste, really savoury and sausagey… crisp and slightly charred.. with a good dollop of Stokes Ketchup..‎ this was a delicious scooby snack.. all in the name of tasting of… Read More ›

Pulled pork.. at last!!

‎Wowsers what an evening.. front door lock suddenly broke.. something snapped inside.. and Mrs Fitz snapped also.. Hiscox.. our wonderful insurers said they would send someone within the hour… it actually took 5 yup 5 hours to complete.. Post midnite….. Read More ›


Am on this sausage making.. reckon these could be good.. after a pretty in depth conversation with my butcher (who is also England’s best apprentice butcher she has won an award for that!), I have some new gooey eyed deers….. Read More ›

Breakfast sausage

Decided to make some breakfast sausage.. Belly pork outta the freezer.. Trimmed.. Mrs Fitz whizzed it up for me.. Added sage & onion stuffing mix as the rusk-meets-flavor town ingredient.. Some paprika, smoky and sweet, some dulce figue and a… Read More ›

Sausages! (Not whhalls)

Remember those pudgy sausages I made the other day? With the addition of corsican fig syrup? .. Well had a pal over for supper yesterday.. And he said.. Without reservation that they were the best sausages he reckons that they… Read More ›

Supper? Tortilla & Salmon

Had some of the samosa stuffing left over.. Found some salmon the freezer.. A bag of good ‘steves’ leaves.. That’s Mrs fitz sorted! Little potatoes cakes with a you hurt sauce.. Dressed leaves with diced red an green peppers.. Salmon… Read More ›

PYO supper

It got a real stormy .. Real stormy indeed! What did we do? Mrs Fitz loves the rain.. So we stood outside with brollys.. Mr Wentworth? He is not so sure on the rain.. He stood inside looking at the… Read More ›

Thursday supper

What is ‘thursday’ ? Is ot Thors day? The chap with the hammer and those cool wings on his hat? And a great blue suit? Am I right? Dunno.. Anyways been an off an on weather day.. Matched with my… Read More ›

Fish Suppers..

Been eating a wee bit too much red meat! .. So gone simple.. Lemon sole goujons.. And crinkle fries.. As you know am not one for fish yet these are like posh fish fingers is all! X Father on the… Read More ›

Tonites supper

Ok.. Last nite was a bigun.. And big fun.. My head hurted.. Think a little too much fun was had… Still it was cool.. So after a good sleeps.. And Mrs Fitz insisting on cleaning all the house.. Yup top… Read More ›

Home sweet home..

For now..x A great oak smoked bacon rasher sarnie.. Real butter.. Some red sauce.. White bread and a smile x (And a very cutey looking Mr Wentworth that didn’t get any in the end.. )

First meal in Paris..

Its hot in the city.. Like real hot.. Busy as ever and like always very Parisian! X First meal.. LEBANESE! On top of Gallerie Lafayette..Amazing views.. You can see all the sights x Good mezze.. Good start to a whirlwind… Read More ›

Jamies BBQ …

Jamies Barbacoa Firstly. Is it really any good?.. Hmmmm Well location score! Fantastic views of St Pauls.. Website versus actual place.. A little mis-leading.. Shame.. Lack of ‘Qing’ meat.. Let’s try it… So to begin? Pork scratchings with a vanilla… Read More ›

BBQ hot weekend..

Its hot.. At last.. Like real hot.. What to when so hot? Fill the pool.. Get the loungers out.. Discover you have bees nest in the roof lining of ya shed.. Yeah.. Blinkin bees nest.. Will get that looked at….. Read More ›

Easy supper..

Strange day today.. Seemed like rain all day… Needed to do the second coat on the ‘vista’ .. To be fair after a conversation with father I think it may be actually a pergola.. Still not sure.. So.. For supper?… Read More ›

BBQ = summer?

Has summer started? At last? Sure felt like it yesterday.. After a morning painting the new vista… And a hot afternoon.. Had to fire up the coals!! Yay! I have gas power too yet there is something for sure about… Read More ›

Egg & chips

Man… You cannot really beat egg & chips.. From that young child food.. To a teenager to a young adult to beyond… Gods alive! X A fantastical supper.. I am lucky enough to have traveled the world.. And in every… Read More ›

Spring rolls!

Inspired by an article sent by Father about spring rolls, egg rolls, or paper rolls.. Whatever you call ’em! Desperate to feel summery and bring along colors to eating.. (And using up that left over pork).. Went for making up… Read More ›

Last meal in Chicago..

Ok, time for me to leave Chicago.. Get back to Mrs Fitz & Mr Wentworth.. So formy last meal a walk in the park.. Followed by Popeyes.. Yup popeyes or Pope-ee–oos as my friend David says.. 3 piece.. With their… Read More ›

Chicken tikka.. Multiple!

Got some great organic free range super chicken from the store we don’t like anymore.. Great discount on it… Like a quarter of the price!! Whip the skin off.. Cut into chunks.. Add tandoori spice, ginger and garlic paste and… Read More ›

Sunday post gym lunch!

Back to the gym yesterday.. Man its tough!! Does though bring out a great appetite x So post gym.. Sustenance was needed .. Keeping on the healthy vibe.. The sun is shining so its kinda easy to eat like this….. Read More ›

Home sweet home..

I am very lucky an get to travel a heap.. Its also good no.. GREAT! To get home.. Mrs Fitz & Mr Wentworth are my bestest friends.. X (it does get lonely on the ‘road’ despite being exposed to some… Read More ›

Vege Fal-laf-fals.. Yum!

I forget how much I like eating them.. The crunchy exterior giving way to the soft chewy herby, spicy interior.. Really quite lovely, and the array of additions! Sheesh! A little something tart always goes good.. As well as a… Read More ›

Rice fry

This is a great ‘use-up’ supper.. I really enjoy it.. I remember my Mama used to make me chicken and rice like this as a child.. It was one of my bestest meals at the time x I keep the… Read More ›

Lamb Biryani ??

Mrs Fitz still sick.. That cough is now grating.. Me? YUP! Her? Probably worse.. Mr Wentworth? Is cool, he has made a few mistakes today yet heck.. Still a puppy? X Gone for a lamb, ricey dish that never stops… Read More ›

Uncle Wallys Red sauce

Uncle Wally.. What can you say.. Wonderful chap, bon viveur .. countryman, gourmand extrodinaire .. Well seasoned , marinated and blinkin well traveled… Plus married to another very good friend who is the frenchest mediterranean (amazing jewish salad maker) ….. Read More ›