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Beans on toast

A simple lunch, supper , or even as an appetiser? A great snack anyways.. Of course the beans have to be heinz!! That’s a given right? Yet how to make em even better? Try this out.. Chopped white onion.. Garam… Read More ›

Sunday breakfast

I have a chap coming over to chop down some trees.. Unfortunately the apple tree has to come down.. It’s been overtaken by the ivy.. The apples have never really been good enough for eating.. The neighbours tree always seems… Read More ›

Injuns under pressure..

‎Mrs Fitz wants injun food today for supper.. So let’s make it! Gonna try the pressure cooker method.. loads of googlin didn’t bring up much help.. loads of mentions… no timings.. get creative Mr Fitz get creative! Timings unknown.. have… Read More ›