Waitrose 1 @waitrose Rose veal burger sandwiches 

there is a new ‘range’ at waitrose.. This they have titled waitrose 1.. I would have liked to have been in that marketing meeting/sell! 

So what is it? Well there seems to be. A bunch of nice new products.. All currently tempting with 25% off.. There was a pasta I was particularly enamoured by.. that old school super long spaghetti stuff.. I remember that in the 80’s as being very posh indeed! ( I didn’t buy any as we are indeed quite pasta rich at the moment!).. 

Now I know we recently had burgers.. Yet they were not rose veal.. So that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.. 😶 these look pretty good.. No weird additives .. And slaughtered under 8 months old.. That may read a bit strange.. It does make sense and again it’s a good thing to support British Rose veal .. 

Simply cooked in the tefal opti grill

Sandwiched on sliced white with some salad.. 

Some crinkle fries.. 


Really rather good!  

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